Things To Do In North West River
Life's A Beach
You don't have to leave town to enjoy the Labrador scenery. There are several marked walking trails winding in and around North West River, perfect for a warm summer's day hike. You can view local landmarks, historic buildings, learn a bit of the local flora and fauna as well as some of the town's history. Or you can just take in the breathtaking views. e.g.. the view from Sunday Hill, where you can see Lake Melville, Grand Lake, Mokami Mountain, and the Mealy Mountain Range, all in one panoramic view.

Like to swim? North West River has the best beach on the east coast of Canada. White sandy beaches and large sandbars line the shores around town, and provide the perfect opportunity for swimming or just lying in the sun.

Check out the Beach Festival link in the menu to the left and see whats happening at this years North West River Beach Festival.
Labrador Canoe Regatta
In early August, after the Beach Festival, there is another annual festival: the Labrador Canoe Regatta. This 3 day event features teams from all over Labrador competing in canoe races, to see who is fastest on the lake. Held 15 km outside of North West River on Gosling Lake, teams of 6 paddle replicas of traditional voyageur canoes around a diamond shaped course. There are races in several age categories for both men and women. The excitement on the water is matched by the fun on shore with various events, food booths and live bands providing entertainment.

Also held in August is the Sheshatshiu summer festival, featuring Innu culture, food, crafts, and music.
Large Labrador Winters
Labrador winters can be long and cold, so having fun in the ice and snow is our specialty.

For the winter enthusiasts there is no better place to go to have fun in ice and snow than North West River. 20 minutes out of town is Mont Shana, offering downhill skiing slopes for everyone from beginner to expert.

For the cross-country enthusiast, there is the Birch Brook Trail, located just down the road from Mont Shana. It offers professionally groomed trails of varying distances and difficulty. Of course, you don't need a trail to go cross-country skiing. Just step outside, hop on your skis and go; there is no limit to the places you can explore.

The same is true for those who enjoy snow shoeing. Excellent wooded areas, perfect for a winter nature hike, are mere minutes away in any direction.

If mechanized modes of transport are more your thing, then hop on a snowmobile and go. There are plenty of areas in and around town that offer snowmobilers exciting and safe places to roam. Or venture onto the frozen lake for a day of ice fishing.

For the sports fan there are the Labrador Winter Games, held every 2 years in nearby Happy Valley-Goose Bay. This 2 (two) week event features athletes representing communities from all over Labrador competing in both traditional and modern sporting competition. Events range from volleyball to skiing and snowmobile racing to dog team racing. Competitors are of all ages and backgrounds, coming together in the spirit of sportsmanship and to celebrate their home of Labrador.

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