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Located in Canada's eastern most province of Newfoundland & Labrador, Northwest River lies on the shores of Lake Melville, at the mouth of Grand Lake in central Labrador. This water system runs into the Atlantic Ocean, draining two-thirds of Labrador's water shed. Northwest River is linked to both air and water ports in Happy Valley-Goose Bay by a 33 km highway. Ferry service to and from the island of Newfoundland runs from June to November, with air service running year round with flights arriving and departing daily. Travelers can also reach NWR by road. The Trans-Labrador highway, which winds its way from Quebec across the Labrador interior, provides year round access to the Lake Melville region. It also provides one of the more scenic routes of travel. The Trans-Labrador highway to he south connects to the Island potion of the province.
Transportation Services
While Labrador is certainly off the beaten path, lots of people want to visit us at the very same time as you, particularly in the busy summer season. That's why it's always a good idea to make car rental reservations before you travel to avoid being disappointed. Pre-booking accommodations, airline and ferry crossings is also recommended.

For tourist & travel information Call 1-800-563-6353
By Air
The easiest, quickest, way to get to the local area is by air. Jazz and Provincial Airlines have flights arriving and departing daily from Goose Bay, with flights to and from St. John's, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Montreal, QC. For more information, contact the following airlines or any travel agency:

Provincial/Innu Mikun - 1-800-563-2800
Air Canada - Jazz - 1-888-247-2262 option 4
By Road
Another option is to drive to Northwest River via the Trans-Labrador Highway. This road brings you overland from the Quebec-Labrador border though to Labrador City and continues through Churchill Falls, and ends in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, where you can continue on to Northwest River via the N.W.R. Road.

Now, you can also take the Labrador Marine ferry from St. Barbe on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland to Blanc Sablon, ( and drive the newest section of the Trans Labrador Highway through the scenic Labrador Straits and on through crossing the mighty Churchill River to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Sections of this route are still under construction, and there are no services once you leave Port-Hope Simpson. Go to for more information.

Satellite phones can be borrowed for emergency use of travelers - each phone comes with an easy-to-follow instruction card for users. Satellite phones can now be picked up at the following locations: Wabush Hotel in Wabush; Midway Travel Inn in Churchill Falls; Hotel North Two and Royal Inn and Suites in Happy Valley-Goose Bay; Cartwright Hotel in Cartwright; Alexis Hotel in Port Hope Simpson; and Town Office in Charlottetown.

The phones are available free of charge to motorists travelling remote sections of the TLH. When borrowing a phone, residents of the province simply need to provide their driver licence number and non-residents need to provide a valid credit card number for tracking and security purposes. When users are finished with the phones, they can simply drop them off at the nearest participating location.
By Sea
Labrador Marine Services runs a ferry service to and from Lewisporte, NL to Cartwright and Goose Bay. A one-way trip from Lewisporte to Goose Bay takes approximately 36 hours. These ferries are equipped for vehicles and passengers. Once in Goose Bay, Northwest River is a scenic 33 km drive away. For information on fees and schedules, please contact Labrador Marine Services in Goose Bay at 709-896-2421.

You can view Ferry information at
Road Map - Trans-Labrador Highway Network
The highway link is now complete. Some sections are still under construction or are being upgraded, but the trip by road provides an unparallelled experience.

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