COVID-19 Update March 20, 2020
Posted 20 March 2020, 12:57 pm NDT
Preamble: It is hard to imagine the havoc in different areas of the world caused by the
Covid-19. We can assume there is a significant chance that the Covid-19 is here among us now.

We know that once infected with this virus, 8 out of 10 people will have a mild flu like illness and feel well again in a few days. We know it will likely take them about 7 days before they get sick. We know they can be shedding the virus to surfaces and people around them even before they feel sick.
We know:
The virus lives in human saliva and mucous. Every time anybody talks, sings, or coughs they leave a spray around them, and on clothes etc. When this spray has Covid-19 in it, it starts lurking around, waiting for someone new to come along and be the unexpected victim that will carry it onward. Covid-19 gets on your hands and face, and then in your body through your eyes and your mouth. On surfaces, such as cardboard Covid-19 seems to live for about 24 hours, and on paper and plastic surfaces for 3 days. Soap and warm water, Clorox cleaners and Alcohol cleaners are good to kill the virus. Laundering cloths with hot water and soap removes Covid-19.

The Town Council Pandemic Committee has enacted the following measures to keep our town clear from Covid-19.

For the next two weeks, we strongly encourage everyone to lock down in your house, go to the cabin if you can, or do a spring cleaning. Conserve your gasoline. Avoid boredom by making good healthy food, doing crafts, short walks outdoors, etc.

The high traffic areas in our town consist of the Post Office, CRB, Thrift Store, Church, School and Town building. The School and Town building closed to the public as of last Monday.

The Post Office is following hygienic protocol but would like to urge everyone to keep social distancing in mind, as this is a small building!

CRB is committed to providing gas and supplies throughout the Covid-19 Crisis.
They are following the required protocol of hygiene.

The United Church food cupboard is by appointment only; call Edith White at 497-8235. There will be no services or meetings at the church until further notice. No Thrift shoppe donations.

The Co-op is doing everything that it can to make sure that we do not run into food shortages over the next few months. They are enacting best practices to prevent any transmission of the virus through their store. They are instituting a delivery service for elderly, and infirm people by electronic payments. We are working out the distribution of food from our end, and it will include "social distancing" and infection precautions during the relay of food.

We have been working with LG Health, and will be working closely with neighboring communities of Sheshatshiu and Happy Valley-Goose Bay to ensure together, we have all the resources when required.

We have created a list of people who may need special help throughout this crisis.

We did take steps this week with reducing the transmission of Covid-19 through possible garbage contamination. We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and support. Our method allowed garbage pick up without handling of the bags. We will continue to perfect this practice, and we remind everyone to try to keep amount to a minimum. This will reduce the possible risk to our valuable Town workers, who we will continue to need for essential services as we move through these uncertain times.

We are ALL vulnerable people. Some people are more vulnerable than others.
No matter how vulnerable or healthy you are, we are all going to get through this together.
We will not leave anyone behind, as we keep the covid-19 out of our community.
AT the same time, STAY HEALTHY!

Accurate and up to date resources:
Government of NL Website:
Government of NL Email pertaining specifically to COVID-19 inquiries:
If you are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms, please call: 811

Town of North West River
Pandemic Committee

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