News Update June 10
Posted 10 June 2020, 5:10 pm NDT
We hope everyone is doing well as we move into Level 3 of COVID19, and what does Level 3 mean to our town? The Town office will remain open by appointment only. Regular Council meetings will continue to be held virtually. Our next regular meeting will be held Thursday June 25 @ 7:00 pm. If you would like to attend by phone, please contact the office at lease a day before the meeting, for direction.
The Community Center will not be taking any bookings during Level 3, the committee will see how things are looking going into Level 2.
Our businesses providing personal services are now open, and not too soon, as every person and animal is overdue for a haircut! Welcome back!
The Library and Thrift shop will remain closed.
Food Bank is open by appointment only. Call 897-4380 10:00-3:00pm Monday - Friday
The borders are still closed, however travel within the province is permitted. The buzz words for Level 3 are PEOPLE, SPACE, TIME and PLACE. Simply put, the more people you interact with, the greater the risk of spread. So please keep number of contacts outside your bubble small, for short periods of time, and a space that can accommodate physical distancing, and remember to continue washing your hands often.
Spring Cleanup week will be June 22nd – 26th. Notice will be posted locally, and on the Town website with details.
Beach Cleanup evening will take place before the end of the month. Date will be posted a few days in advance, as this event always depends on the wind and weather. We would like to thank everyone who have been cleaning up daily in the past couple of weeks. Much have already been collected!
Residents are reminded to turn off bleed lines in their house, if they haven't already done so. This is important so we can monitor our water/wastewater consumption, in preparation for our new wastewater system.
Our Green Team will be starting June 29th, and we have been approved for one other student through a Federal program. We look forward to a productive summer!
We would like to remind everyone that the maximum speed limit in town is 30km on main roads, and 15km and 20km on side streets. ATV use on roads is permitted only if necessary, ie: crossing road to get to off-road destination. The RCMP traffic division is closing monitoring this situation.
The construction crew is onsite to build the new lift station at Little Lake. This has been a long-awaited project, and good to see it finally coming to fruition. Work should be completed in a couple of weeks.
We are still holding out, hoping to have pavement repairs done in town before end of season. All municipal "leg work" has been completed, however we are at the mercy of whether larger paving contracts will be in the area to entice paving companies to Labrador. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, we are doing what we can to keep Airstrip graded and acceptable for driving.
Regular weekly garbage pickup will maintain same schedule and practice, and trucks are available at community center parking lot for drop off.
Now that its gardening time. We would like to remind residents that there are still some compost bins available at town office at a cost of $20.00. If you would like further information on composting visit or call the office.
Congratulations to our Lake Melville graduates, NORA McNaught, JODY Powell and EMMA White. Although its not the graduation year you expected, we are still, so very proud of you!
A "Welcome Back Home" to Eileen Baikie who has been a long-time volunteer with many organizations in our Town. We missed you!
Thanks for everyone, with all their kind gestures, whether its cookies, cakes, rocks or pictures... it really means a lot!
Here are some websites for your information during COVID 19

Until next time, Stay Safe and Enjoy the Warm Weather!
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