Extreme Weather Conditions
Posted 24 December 2020, 2:46 pm NST
Extreme Weather Conditions Expected
Urgent Public Safety Message
Information for the Public
Release Date: December 24, 2020

The Town of North West River is informing the public of the below weather warning from Environment and Climate Change Canada:
Rainfall warning in effect for:
• Upper Lake Melville
Rainfall, combined with melting snow, is expected.
Snow, rain and record high temperatures are on the way.
Total rainfall: 15 to 25 mm with higher localized amounts possible, especially over higher terrain.
Locations: western and central Labrador.
Time span: Friday morning until Friday overnight for the heaviest rain but showers or periods of rain may continue until Sunday.
Remarks: Snow will change to rain, at times heavy, on Friday. The rain is expected to taper off overnight Friday night.
Record high temperatures are forecast for Friday, Saturday, and possibly even into Sunday. The rain combined with these extreme high temperatures will lead to significant snowmelt and increased runoff leading to a greater chance for flooding.

The Town is advising residents that our Operator, Junior, and public works, if needed, will be out to deal with clearing the Roads of the expected ice and slush.

Residents are advised to clear material from their driveway before the significant temperature drop is expected Sunday night through Monday morning. Any material that has not been removed from driveways will freeze solid.

Understanding that it is Christmas Day and Boxing Day time frames that we are dealing with, the Town is advising residents to stay off roads unless necessary, so as we can all happy a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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