News update February 8
Posted 11 February 2021, 4:13 pm NST
February 8, 2021
Well, the first month of 2021 has come and gone. We are having a very mild winter, this brings concerns of ice safety. The groomer season is here, Corey Webber and Paul Cooper are our operators this year. They have been busy marking and cleaning the trail, and they made a couple of runs as far as Mulligan. There is lots of slush and less ice, not what we expect this time of the year, so everyone please use extreme caution when travelling.
The 2021 Budget was passed by Council at the December regular council meeting, and has since been approved by Dept. of Municipal Affairs. The residential tax mil rate will remain at .006. Tax invoices will be mailed February 19th, all outstanding amounts be paid in full by June 30th, 2021. Payments can be made by email transfer, credit card by phone, cheque. Please call the office in advance, if you wish to stop by and make payment.
Our next regular Council meeting will be Monday February 15th at 7:00 PM. Public can attend meeting via conference call. Call the office if you would like to attend. We were hoping that meetings would soon go back to "normal", however with the recent community spread and numbers rising, things may not change for the good, for awhile yet! We ask all to remain vigilant, this is no time to get too relaxed. Continue to follow all provincial guidelines, until we get through this! We would like to thank Mrs. Juliette Chaulk, who, since last March have been leaving an inspirational note, and bit of artwork taped to her Garbage bag. We look forward to it each week!
As all must have seen by now, its hard not to see! (Kermit) our new Garbage Truck! We appreciate your support, as we continue to improve our services, and work our way through a safer and more resourceful method of municipal waste collection. In this past year we have asked ourselves many questions, and some were asked by you. To that end, what follows is an overview what changes have been implemented to date. Garbage collection schedule will remain the same. The town truck is still available for garbage drop off, a reminder, the truck is for household garbage only, and nothing else! Its unfortunate that the few who do not adhere to this, will be the demise of this service that so many residents like. We have purchased "fling-it" nets for all households to cover their garbage while its placed at roadside on pick up morning. These nets are approved by Waste Management NL and Municipalities NL. The nets can be picked up at the Town office Monday and Tuesday afternoon. If you are unable to pick up, we will arrange delivery over the next week. Our new truck is equipped to take the wheeled garbage containers as well, however certain specs are required to work with the truck. We are bulk sourcing them, to get the best price, and pass the savings on to you. In the near future, we will have drop off and collection of recyclable beverages containers, and paper/cardboard. Stay tuned, updates will be posted as soon as we finish working out the logistics of it all.
Its nice to see the rink is getting used, in between the snow! Thanks to everyone who have been helping to keep it maintained. The old nets were removed due to safety concerns. New nets are on the way and have been for some time! Hopefully soon. We have a warm-up spot built and ready to be onsite, the recreation committee will need volunteers to ensure it is secured each evening. Contact Deputy Mayor Melanie to get your name on the list. Speaking of Deputy Mayor/Postmaster Melanie, we miss you and wish you a speedy recovery from your recent eye surgery.
Mayor Dave Kieser will be officially resigning at Feb 15th meeting. He has purchased a home in Goose Bay, and therefore according to the Municipalities Act, unable to remain in his position. He has served his role very diligently since March 2017. We thank him for his service, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Deputy Mayor Melanie Blake will assume role until the General Municipal Election in September.
The Senior Van Committee asked me to send along the following information:
The Seniors' van is available to go to HVGB each Thursday when required. For shopping and errands. Although handicapped and seniors take priority, if there is space, anyone can go. The cost is just $17.00. you can be picked up at your home and taken around Goose bay. Usually, the van leaves between 9 and 9:30 and returns after lunch. If you wish to use this service call Tilly at 497-8842. Use of the van for medical or long-term care trips, call Dianne at 497-8575.
We want to welcome residents who have recently moved to our town, we have many volunteer organizations and services. Contact the town office for information, or if you have any questions.

Wash you hands often, wear your mask, keep your distance, and Stay Safe
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