News update June 3
Posted 04 June 2021, 4:41 pm NDT
June 1, 2021
Well June is already upon us! We don't often see all the snow gone this early, its good for the gardening but not so good for the possibility of fires. With that in mind, we would like to remind all, that the Provincial Fire Regulations are in effect for the season. NO open fires, backyard fires must be in a screen covered fire pit.
We ask everyone who have had bleed lines on during the winter, to turn them off, if you haven't already done so.

We would like to Remind pet owners of the "Town of North West River Animal Health Regulations" and more particularly Section 1 (h) and 4

1. (h)"Animal" means dogs, cats or any domestic animal, male or female, of any age.
4. Every animal owner is responsible for the health and safety of their pet, and thereby, must keep it tethered or fenced and humanely cared for as per Section 32(1) NL Animal Health and Protection Act.

This month's lucky pet winner is Lucianna Powell (owner Larry). Call the office and pick up prize.
Thanks to all our responsible pet owners.
In other news…
-We plan to have a beach clean up evening, later in the month, date not yet determined, but all will know in plenty of time.
-Spring Cleanup week is June 7 -11.
- As of Monday June 7, the garbage truck drop off service will not be available. The truck is needed for other work during the summer, and the new garbage truck is the only healthy way to operate in warm weather. We know many residents enjoy the drop off service, and this may be something to revisit in the fall.
-Some free "Fling it" nets are still available at Town Office to cover garbage for pick up. We have wheeled containers, that fit the new garbage truck, ordered. These will be available for residents to purchase, at cost.
--recyclable beverage containers can be placed separately in a box or clear bag and will be picked up during regular pick-up morning, or can be dropped off at green hut across from college on Portage Rd.
-The old garbage drums will be collected next week, if you wish to keep the drum for other uses, please make sure it is put in past the side of your house.
-A short survey (anonymous) will be sent out in coming weeks to get a better understanding of where we are as a community with regards to living sustainably, and to identify improvements based on resident needs.

We would like to acknowledge the Iliget Community Partnership Inc.
Their AGM was May 31st. All funding proposals were approved, accounting for almost $100,00.00 issued to Community volunteer organizations for another year. Thanks!

Tender is closed on Town roadwork, all bids came in $300,000+ over the $834,000.00 tendered price. We are now working on ways to close in on the difference, to ensure we get pavement in town this year.

We would like to thank everyone who have already paid their taxes, and a reminder to those not paid by end of June that, water shutoff will start the first week of July. The next Regular Council meeting will be June 17 at 7:00 anyone wishing to present or listen to meeting, can do so by contacting the town office by noon, of the same day. We are hoping that meetings will be open for attendance again soon.

With summer, comes long evenings and more outdoor activity. (some of it, not so good). We communicate all matters with the RCMP, and we ask all to be extra vigilant to ensure we have a safe and enjoyable summer.
Congratulations to our 2021 Lake Melville school graduates!
Thanks for everyone who keeps the great spirit of North West River alive and helps to keep our Town Clean and Green.
North West River Still Rocks……. and Thanks for all of them!!

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