News Update
Posted 14 June 2022, 4:36 pm NDT
June 13, 2022
Well, its nice to welcome the warm weather. It's been awhile since our last news update. We would like to welcome three new councillors to our team, Mike Broomfield, Evan Hillier, and Erin Gear. We look forward to all they have to offer.
We continue to work on improving all aspects of Town. Our Municipal Capital Works Project for upgrades to Blake Lane Lift station has been approved, and it will start in August. We are still waiting on approval for improved ditching project in areas of town. With a short summer season, we are anticipating that this work will not take place until next year. In the meantime, maintenance will continue to improve priority areas.
There will be dock improvements happening this summer, with increased parking area and a new floating dock which has been purchased and will be arriving next week.
Materials for renovations for the Municipal Building have been purchased. We have applied for wage subsidy for work, and we will advertise for local employment in the coming weeks.
We have new signage ordered for areas of town and trail system. Use caution when using the trail, as no work has been done yet for the season.
The Come Home Year committee is getting all the events together for week of July 30th - Aug 7th, we hope to see many new and familiar "faces" in our Town.
Its nice to see many properties getting cleaned up, and to remind all to do your part keep properties maintained.
Our Beach beautification project will see some work this summer, mainly parking area, and washroom facilities. It looks like next summer before boardwalks will be installed.
Looking further ahead, Cain's Quest will take place March 2023. North West River will be a scheduled rest spot this time. There have had a couple of meetings with organizers. Going forward, anyone who would like to help, can contact the office for committee information.

A final notice to those who have not yet paid this year property taxes, the due date is June 30. Water shut off will be scheduled first week of July. Payment can be made in person 9-4 Monday – Friday, etransfer or credit card by phone.
A reminder to all, to ensure that bleed lines are turned off for the season.
We would like to extend thanks, and farewell wishes to Cst. Macphie, who will be getting transferred this summer, and a warm welcome to newcomers to our town.
Garbage collection is Wednesday for downtown and Thursday uptown. Garbage is to be placed at curbside by 830 am on collection day. "fling it" nets to cover garbage, are available at office free of charge for anyone needing one.
Free animal registration is ongoing. If you have a dog or cat, please ensure it is registered with the town for its safety. If you have a cat, remember this is nesting season for birds, keep them tethered or inside.
The beach is cleaned up for the season, and barricades will be in place over the next couple of days, remember no vehicles are permitted on the beach. This is for everyone's safety, as the beach becomes the busy spot for the season.
We would like to thank residents who continue to be stewards of our town, and who are endlessly helping to pick up litter while out walking. Let us assure you that your help is not gone, without notice.
Finally, we want to send Congratulations to the 2022 Lake Melville Graduates, and after a couple of years, its nice to see a ceremony happening again. Best wishes with all your future endeavours!
May everyone have a safe and happy summer!
Town Council of North West River
Melanie Blake, Mayor
McKenzie Hutchings, Deputy Mayor
Frank Phillips
Mary Sillett
Mike Broomfield
Evan Hillier
Erin Gear

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